Doula Support Package $300


• 3 Prenatal meetings (intake, answering questions, planning)

• 1 Accompaniment to a Caregiver Meeting or Birthing Class (2 hours max)

• Support ceases at 38 weeks. This package payment is due in full 30 days after signing the contract

Include a Gift with package

**For clients who seek support only in preparation for birth/during pregnancy but do not seek labor & delivery support or postnatal support.**

Doula Support Package $600

• 1 Meeting before birth (intake and establish Postnatal Plan)

• 1 Lactation /feeding support consultation

• 1 Family support meeting (questions, bonding assistance, postpartum plan)

• 1 Personal/Date Night (Any time between 4 -8 weeks postpartum an in-home meal for 2 will be provided along with baby assistance for 3 hours. Allowing time to unwind and refresh for parent(s) and support team. Please, notify of any allergies or diet restrictions.)

Includes a Gift with package

** For clients who do not seek Prenatal or delivery doula services. Services are provided once the baby is home and up to 8 weeks postpartum.**

Doula Support Package $900

2 Prenatal Meetings (intake, birth planning, postpartum planning, addressing questions, etc.)

1 Accompaniment to a Caregiver Meeting or Birthing Class (2 hours max)

• On call 24 hours a day starting 2 weeks (14 days) before your estimated due date

• Complete labor and delivery support 

• 2 hours postnatal care and support 

• 2 Postnatal visits (1 within 1-4 days of birth and the other before 3 weeks postpartum) 

Include a Gift with package


· A doula accompanies a person in labor to help ensure a satisfying birth experience by providing physical, emotional, and educational support.


· A doula works for YOU, not the care provider or the hospital.


· A doula does NOT perform clinical tasks such as blood pressure or fetal heart rate monitoring.


· A doula does NOT tell you what decisions to make but ensures you are provided adequate information and support, so you can make the most informed decision possible.


· A doula does NOT speak to healthcare providers on your behalf, but may ask for a moment to converse with you privately and ensure you have the time needed to weigh all options.


· A doula helps to educate and support you throughout your pregnancy, labor, and after to ensure you feel empowered with information and knowledge to make decisions pertaining to the well-being of you and your family.

Complete Virtual Service - $400

For those that are not in the local surrounding area or those who would like to continue social distancing for the entire length of pregnancy and birth.


• 2 Prenatal Meetings (intake, answering questions, planning, etc.)

• 1 Postnatal Meeting

• 1 Lactation counseling/feeding support meeting and education

• 1 Family support meeting (questions, bonding assistance, postpartum plan reiteration, etc.)

**Will be available via phone or video meet during labor*

Additional Services

• Additional Prenatal Support Meeting - $45/hour


• Additional Postnatal Support Meeting - $45/hour


• Lactation Counseling/Support Meeting - $60 (1-2 hours)


• Caregiver Accompaniment - $60 (max 2 hours)


• Additional Meal Prep (for 2) - $40-$50


• Additional Meal Provided (per person) - $10-$20


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