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Supporting Women through
Prenatal and Postpartum

During your pregnancy here at Birthing In Serenity we want you to feel the support you always wanted and every woman should have.

At Birthing In Serenity we want every woman to make sure that her birthing plan is in full effect.

To make sure that you feel listened to.  

To make sure that you don't feel judged or that no matter what happens no change is a fail.

Do you know whom you'll want in the room?

Do you know your feeding plan/ options?

The goal is for every woman to have the ultimate Birthing In Serenity experience.

Home Birthing is ok

Birthing in water is ok

Not laying on your back is ok.

Changing your mind is ok.

Wanting soothing music is ok.

Wanting to have your baby in the hospital is ok.

Wanting dem Lights is ok.

Wanting an epidural is ok.

Formula feeding is ok.

Not wanting your baby to have the new day shots is ok. 

Being Holistic is ok.

Being all-natural is ok.

Not wanting to breastfeed is ok.

Wanting what you want and how you want it is ok. And if someone doesn't want to implement your Birthing plan, is ok to cancel them.